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Birendra Multiple Campus

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Birendra Multiple Campus that we see it today in its form and features, was established on the 1st Baishakh, 2022 BS. as ‘Birendra Intermediate Arts College’, named after late King Birendra, with the initiation and efforts of academicians, social workers, guardians, donors and local institutions feeling the need of an academic institution of higher education for the growing population of the district after Chitwan was open for settlement in 2011. The college had its hard times in its infancy as it did not have its own building and premises. With a great labor pain it took its birth in Chitwan High School Building at night with 14 students and later it was shifted to a rented house at Narayangarh.

Prof. Dayaram Poudyal

                                                 Message from Campus Chief

Birendra Multiple Campus, established as a community based campus in 2022, became constituent campus of Tribhuvan University in 2030 B.S. Since then,  despite many ups and downs, this campus has been making efforts for its advancement with the target of being a centre of learning in this locality. Learning is a lifelong process and it changes with the spirit of time. Education, therefore, has gained a different meaning in the 21st century. Now our students have to compete at the global level and therefore traditional ‘memorizing the facts’ type of education doesn’t help any more. Therefore our major aim is to make our students competent, innovative, creative and analytical so that they can easily get access to national and international arena and give direction to their career. Because of different constraints, the road ahead is challenging but we have to gain strength from the challenges and move forward. We expect all the stake holders will extend their hands to us and we hope, with the collective efforts of us all we can turn this campus into an academic hub of the nation.


Prof. Dayaram Poudyal
Campus Chief

Objectives of BMC Library

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About BMCL
BMCL Collection
Rules and Regulation
Specialties of BMCL
 Online  Access from here

Online Catalogue (OPAC)

Library Digital Database

Online Resources

Online Journals Access from here

Available INASP E-research and Research4life AGORA, HINARI, ARDI, OARE

INASP In Nepal

INASP Publications

Publishers Resources

Current JOLs

A list of resources available to Birendra Multiple Campus Library, grouped by registration status

Resources That Birendra Multiple Campus Library Has Registered For

  1. Annual Reviews
  2. British Institute of Radiology Journals
  3.  OUP – E-books Oxford Scholarship Online
  4.  Geological Society – The Lyell Collection Complete
  5. IMF eLibrary
  6. Liebert Online
  7. Nature Publishing Group Journals
  8. Palgrave Macmillan Journals
  9. Project MUSE journals
  10. SPIE Digital Library
  11. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Journals
  12.  EBSCO Host Research Databases
  13. OUP – E-Books American National Biography
  14. OUP – E-Books Oxford English Dictionary Online
  15. OUP – E-books Dictionary of National Biography
  16. OUP – E-books Grove Art Online
  17. OUP – E-books Grove Music Online
  18. OUP – E-books International Law in Domestic Courts
  19. OUP – E-books Oxford Reference Online
  20. OUP – E-books Oxford Scholarship Online
  21. Royal Society – Royal Society Journals Online
  1. Resources That Birendra Multiple Campus Library Has Processing on Registere
  2. ASA – Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA)
  3. Cochrane Library
  4. Edinburgh University Press Developing Countries Initiative
  5. OSA Journals
  6. OUP – E-Books American National Biography
  7. OUP – E-Books Oxford English Dictionary Online
  8. OUP – E-books Dictionary of National Biography
  9. OUP – E-books Grove Art Online
  10. OUP – E-books Grove Music Online
  11. OUP – E-books International Law in Domestic Courts
  12. OUP – E-books Oxford Reference Online
  13. OUP – E-books Oxford Scholarship Online
  14. OUP – Oxford Journals
  15. Oxford Biblical Studies Online
  16. Policy Press
  17. Research4Life
  18. Royal Society – Royal Society Journals Online
  19. University of California Press
  20. University of Chicago Journals
 Birendra  Multiple Campus Library

Birendra Multiple Campus Library (BMCL) is in Bharatpur-10, Chitwan . In Birendra Multiple Campuses has many faculties such as Science, Humanities and Social Science, Management and Education of Bachelor Level programmed are running here. In Master degree running now in Physics and Chemistry, English, Economics, Nepali, Population, Sociology and Anthropology, Management    our library hold books, video and audio cassettes, CD-ROMS, journals and magazines specific to the areas taught in our campus.


  • To provide information for the fulfillment of the objectives of the university.
  • To provide information for teaching, research and management of the university.
  • To provide learning materials both in conventional and e-resources for study and research.
  • To adopt ICTs in housekeeping operations of the library.
  • To be a full-fledged modern library.

Book , Journalsl,Articles download from here

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Library Genesis

LibGen (Sci-Tech)

Scientific articles





This is to notify all our Library users ( students, Teachers, Faculties and Researchers members) who are intrested to use the E-resource /e-Journal/e-book ,articles (full text in PDF download of all subject) , can use from these materials. So, every users can go through following steps.-

  1. Firstly, you have go to the following link

2. Secondly, you can see on the left side of the web page and choose any one or click under the download  book /journal/thesis:
3. Example: here you may choose Book download library genesis
you can see and will open Library Genesis under the search on word /Phrase  for the book/ journal/ article from any one Database from different categories

LibGen (Sci-Tech) Standards Fiction
Comics Scientific articles Magazines

when your required information displaied after you search then see the right side ofy your document file like (1)(2)(3)(4) , etc Here are separate option of view or download  your pdf file with details.
4. DOAB (Directory of Open access Book) and Other also same as from different web pages.


Birendra Multiple Campus LIBRARY COLLECTION

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1. Text BOOK
A) Purchased = 44224
B) Gift = 2500
C) Photo Copy= 320
2. Reference Book = 2005
3. Nepal Collection = 1500
4. Thesis
5. Journals
6. CD/ DVD
7. Management Field Report
8. Journalism Report

राष्ट्रिय खाना परीकार

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Rastriya Khana Parikar राष्ट्रिय खाना परीकार गुन्द्रुक  वा सिन्किको झोल र कोदोको डिढो :लेखक देवी प्रसाद कंडेल
भरतपुर १०

पाठकले ध्यान दिनु पर्ने कुराः

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वीरेन्द्र बहुमुखी क्याम्पस पुस्तकालयका पाठकवर्गले पालना गर्नुपर्ने नियमहरू

१ . पुस्तकालय खुल्ने समय
क. बिहान ६ः०० बजेदेखि ५ः०० बजेसम्म
ख. बिहान ६ः०० बजेदेखि ४ः०० बजेसम्म (कार्तिक १६ गतेदेखि माघ १५)

२  . पुस्तकालय प्रवेश गर्दा आफुसँग भएका झोला, लगायतका निजी सामग्रीहरु पुस्तकालय द्वारमा तोकिएको स्थानमा नै राख्नुपर्नेछ ।
३ .  रेफरेन्स कक्षमा प्रवेश गर्दा पाठकले अनिवार्यरुपमा पुस्तकालय कार्ड साथमा लिइ आउनुपर्नेछ ।
४ . पाठक तथा कर्मचारी दुवै पक्ष अनुशासित रहनुपर्ने साथै मोबाइल Silence Mode मा राख्नुपर्नेछ ।
५ . पाठकवर्गले पुस्तकालय प्रयोग गर्दा पुस्तक लुकाउने, ढलाउने, खसाउने, पाना च्यात्नेजस्ता अवाञ्छनीय कार्य गर्न पाइने छैन ।
६ . पाठक र कर्मचारीबीच एकअर्कामा सुमधुर सम्बन्ध कायम राख्नु एवम् सहयोग लिनुदिनु दुवै पक्षको कर्तव्य हुनेछ।
७ .पाठकले पुस्तक लैजादा स्वयं उपस्थित भई पुस्तकालयको निर्देशन पालना गर्दै पुस्तकको छनौट गर्दा पुस्तकको भौतिक अवस्था होशियारीपूर्वक हेरी लैजानु पर्नेछ ।

८. अन्यथा पछि फिर्ता गर्दा पुस्तकमा कुनै खराबी भए/गरेको फेलापरेमा सम्बन्धित पाठक स्वयम् जवाफदेही हुनेछ ।
९. पाठकले फोटोकपि गर्न चाहेमा त्यस शाखामा कार्यरत कर्मचारीमार्फत नियमानुसार धरौटी राखी लगेको पाठ्यसामग्री सोही दिनमा नै पूर्वअवस्थामा फिर्ता गर्ने गरी लैजान सक्नेछन् ।
१०. पुस्तकालय सदस्यता
क) प्रथम वर्ष÷सत्रमा प्रथमपटक परिचय पत्र लिन चाहने पाठकले परीक्षा शाखाबाट प्रमाणित भएको पुस्तकालय सदस्यता फारम पुस्तकालयमा दर्ता गरेको मितिले सामान्यतया ३ दिन भित्रमा प्रिन्ट गरी परीक्षा शाखामा पठाइनेछ । साथै वर्ष तथा सेमेष्टर पार गरी नवीकरण गर्दाको हकमा विद्यार्थीले पछिल्लो आउने सेमेष्टर तथा वर्षको भर्ना गरेको बिल भर्पाइ अनिवार्य देखाई सोको आधारमा नवीकरण गरिने छ ।
ख) पाठकको पुस्तकालय तथा परिचयपत्र हराएको अवस्थामा तोकिएको शुल्क लेखा शाखामा बुझाएको बिल भर्पाई सहित निवेदन पेश गरेमा पुनः नयाँ कार्ड उपलब्ध गराइनेछ ।
ग) परिचय पत्रको मान्यता अवधि विद्यार्थीको हकमा अध्ययन अवधिसम्म मात्र र शिक्षक/कर्मचारीहरुको हकमा क्याम्पसमा कार्यरत रहदाँसम्म मात्र मान्य रहनेछ ।
११. पुस्तक इस्यु सम्बन्धमा
क) स्नातकोत्तर तहका Physics, Chemistry एवम् स्नातक तहका Microbiology, B.Sc. CSIT, Geology, Meteorology/ Hydrology र BBA, BCA, लगायत सेमेष्टर तहका विद्यार्थीका हकमा ३ थान र अन्य तहका विद्यार्थीहरुका हकमा २ थान पुस्तक इस्यु गर्ने व्यवस्था रहेको छ ।
ख) स्थायी शिक्षकलाई सामान्यतः ७ थान पुस्तक इस्यु गर्न सकिनेछ र करार शिक्षकका हकमा अधिकतम ३ थान पुस्तक ९० दिनलाई इस्यु गर्ने व्यवस्था रहेको छ ।
ग) आंशिक शिक्षकका हकमा विभागीय प्रमुखको सिफारिसमा रु.१,०००।– (अक्षरेपी एक हजार रुपैयाँ) लेखा शाखामा धरौटी राखी बिल बुझाएमा २ थान पुस्तक ३० दिनलाई इस्यु गर्न सक्ने व्यवस्था रहेको छ ।
घ) कर्मचारीलाई ३ थान पुस्तक इस्यु गर्ने व्यवस्था रहेको छ ।
ङ) हरेक तहका अन्तिम तह÷वर्षका विद्यार्थीहरुले अन्तिम वर्षको परीक्षाको प्रवेश–पत्र लिनु अगावै पुस्तक फिर्ता गरी पुस्तकालय सफाई (Library Clearence) अनिवार्य रुपमा लिनुपर्ने छ ।
१२. विलम्ब शुल्कः

क) विद्यार्थीका लागि ३५ दिन पश्चात् प्रतिदिन प्रतिपुस्तक रु.१।– का दरले विलम्ब शुल्क लाग्नेछ ।
ख) शिक्षक/कर्मचारीहरुका लागि ९० दिन पश्चात् प्रतिदिन प्रतिपुस्तक रु.१।– का दरले विलम्ब शुल्क लाग्नेछ ।
१३. चिया समयः दिउँसो २ः०० बजेदेखि ३ः०० बजेसम्म पुस्तकालय सेवा बन्द रहनेछ ।
अन्त्यमा, पुस्तकालयको सदुुपयोग र सुरक्षा गर्नु सबै वर्गको साझा कर्तव्य भएकाले मर्यादित एवम् अनुशासितरुपले पुस्तकालयको प्रयोग गर्न क्याम्पस पुस्तकालय परिवार हार्दिक अनुरोध गर्दछ ।